Travel By Design



The days are longer. The mercury is climbing. And here at Modern In Denver, we’ve got the itch to explore. Summer comes with a built-in wanderlust, and we’re excited to share our top travel amenities with you!

Thanks to the convenience of technology, it’s now easier than ever to access architecturally intriguing abodes right at your fingertips. But this isn’t your average accommodation roundup. Over the next 23 days, we’ll share modern rentals to get you out of hotels and into a well-designed getaway. 

From Palm Springs to Tokyo, the difference is in the design details. Hawaiian luau in a posh pad? We’ve got you covered like the canopy. Colorado camping in a vintage Airstream? We’ll get you there in style. Dreaming about a Wright? Now you can dream in one—or five, to be precise. Whether structurally significant, boasting interiors that intrigue, or just putting the “fun” in funky, these properties change the way we think about travel. So as summer starts to sizzle, let’s design our inclination to experience global destinations individually together. 


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