Meet The Sponsors of Design In Bloom:

Food Sponsors
Our annual spring event Design In Bloom celebrates the talents of our creative community and the return of the season by showcasing floral arrangements created by some of Denver’s best architecture and design firms. However, the creations of our local food and beverage sponsors are what really make this event shine! Meet the restaurants that will be providing creative bits for this year’s floral extravaganza.

Della Radice

Recently opened in 2019, Della Radice is a neighborhood bar and restaurant dedicated to serving seasonally-driven dishes with the freshest ingredients. Literally translating to “of the root,” Della Radice brings together Chef Cristino Griego’s French, Italian & Spanish roots with small plates and wine.

Hank’s Texas Barbeque

Named after Chef Christopher Nicki’s “low and slow” dachshund, Hank’s opened shop last year to dish out Texas-style barbecue to the Denver masses. Although brisket is their focus, Hank’s also serves hot links, spare ribs, chicken, turkey, and even smoked jackfruit.

Ivy on 7th

Having competed on Iron Chef America and won The Food Network’s Chopped, Chef Rebecca Weitzman is back in Denver where her culinary career started. Partnering with the folks behind Carboy Winery, Ivy on 7th offers full morning and lunchtime meals as well as grab-and-go items.

Logan Street Restaurant

Another collaboration between Chef Rebecca Weitzman and Carboy Winery and on the same block as Ivy on 7th, Logan Street Restaurant features a Mediterranean-inspired menu with a focus on affordability. Taking the place of Govnr’s Park bar, Logan Street shares a facility that includes a tap room, tasting room, retail store, and wine production area.

Mountain High Appliance

If you attended last year’s Denver Design Week session “Living with Design: An Interactive Dinner Reception,” you’ll be glad to know that Chef Andrew Forlines is back for Design In Bloom. After training and working at the Broadmoor Hotel for several years, Forlines has brought his passion for cooking fine dining cuisine to the residential appliance industry as an instructor and consultant at Mountain High Appliance.

Northside Eatery

Borrowing the name of the area in which it sits, Northside Eatery + Market is all at once a market, coffee shop, juice bar, and restaurant. Serving up all three meals within an international collection of flavors Northside just opened its bright, modern space on Central Street in February this year.

Roth Living

In his 30+ year culinary career, Chef Ben Davis has worked in fine dining restaurants, cooked in Europe and New Zealand, owned a cooking school and worked in specialty food retailing. His newest gig is as the in-house chef at Roth Living’s Denver showroom (featured in our Spring 2019 issue), offering live cooking demonstrations and “ownership experiences.”

Tokyo Joe’s

Asian-inspired fast-casual eatery, Tokyo Joe’s was founded in 1996 and has expanded to 28 locations across Colorado. Serving up bowls, salads, and sushi, Tokyo Joe’s is named after founder Larry Leith’s desire to serve food approachable by the average “Joe.”

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