The Wolfpack



Refrigerators, cabinets, pantries: These are but mere layovers on the way to the almighty countertop. It is here, on the hallowed granite fields, where chicken breast meets its balsamic glaze, where cheese meets its grater, where eggs meet their whisk. Sub-Zero and Wolf understand the value of countertop real estate, and their new line of Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances makes every inch count. The company has been building high-end kitchen appliances for more than 70 years, so it’s really no surprise that their latest endeavor hits every mark. “Wolf has a heritage,” said Alysha Archer, Corporate Marketing Coordinator for Roth Distributing. “Everything is professional quality, and they’ve put a lot of time into researching these new appliances.” These new appliances include the Countertop Oven, the High Performance Blender, the 4-Slice Toaster, and the 2-Slice Toaster. Each appliance boasts the same iconic red knob and stainless steel construction as Wolf’s other offerings, and lives up to the Wolf name in design, performance, and functionality. Get yours at Roth Distributing in Denver.


There’s a reason it’s not called a toaster oven. The Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven is a full-fledged oven, and mirrors its larger counterpart, the Wolf range, in nearly every way but square footage. There are too many features to list here, but some highlights include the integrated temperature probe, advanced perimeter convection mode, and precision temperature control. Six cooking modes offer endless meal possibilities, and the Countertop Oven is big enough to accommodate most 9-by-13-inch stoneware dishes. Whether it’s herb roasted chicken tenders, banana walnut muffins, or restaurant-quality miso-glazed salmon, if you can fit it, you can cook it.


In the wake of this decade’s green-smoothie epidemic, blenders are under more scrutiny than ever. What kind of motor does it use? How many program settings does it have? How much kale can it handle? Fortunately, the Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender will satisfy even the most critical blender enthusiast. Its blades spin at speeds up to 210 mph, its 64 oz. jar is shatterproof and BPA-free, and it offers four program settings: Smoothie, Ice crush, Puree, and Soup. It should be noted that the Soup setting heats as it blends. We know, it sounds like science fiction. What we’re most excited about, however, has to be the unique design for quiet blending. Making a simple milkshake shouldn’t sound like an outtake from the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and now it doesn’t have to. With the High Performance Blender, a calm morning can stay calm, even if you’re decimating an army of frozen strawberries.


At first, the phrase “advanced toasting technology” might read as a tad pedantic, but when you witness what this baby can do, those three words will become your new life mantra. Both models of Wolf Gourmet toasters are outfitted with a self-centering bread guide, shade-selector knob, and preprogrammed settings to give you more control over your floury friends than you ever thought possible. Try not to let this new-found power go to your head, although that might prove difficult, seeing as how you now have the ability to toast any type of bread (bagels, brioche, English muffins) to any shade on the toast-browning spectrum.

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