“So You Want to be an Architect” Event

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On May 9, Roth Sheppard Architects will hold its second educational event for Colorado high school students and their parents, So You Want to Be an Architect?—an introductory seminar for high school students, and the registration deadline is Friday, April 24.

This learning experience will give students contemplating a career in architecture and design an opportunity to understand the role of the architect and the design process itself; gain insight into how an architectural practice is run; experience the technologies and computer tools used by architects, and learn about the educational requirements to pursue a career in design. There will also be time for students and their parents to ask any additional questions at the end.  Topics will cover:

-The design process [drawing and design] from the initial hand drawn sketch to a completed project.
-The creation of 3D computer models [computer visualization and imaging] using Google Sketchup and PhotoShop software. 

-The creation of a physical model [model building] including a review of the different types and the tools used. 
-What else an architect does (project management, construction administration and marketing), including an overview of what it takes to oversee and manage the construction of a building with a demonstration of Autodesk’s Revit© software, understanding how projects are won, proposals created, schedules and hours tracked and the best way to land a position with a top design firm. 

Participation is limited to 30 students with up to two parents (or guests) each. For questions and/or to register, contact Janet Ronneng at 303.534.7007 or jronneng@rothsheppard.com. 

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