Cosentino Introduces New Colors


Designers, we have a color treat for you! Cosentino and Dekton have expanded their color options, offering new hues for the new year! Check out the two new lines below, available at Cosentino Center Denver and Kitchens at the Denver.

SilestoneCosentino has expanded its most popular Silestone color series with the introduction of Nebula Alpha, a collection of four colors inspired by the sleek sophistication of marble. The four colors are natural hues that are subtle yet distinctive, featuring an original pattern of colored veining throughout the surface that never repeats. 

DektonDekton by Cosentino, the new ultra-compact surface with advanced technical properties for both interior and exterior design, introduces five new colors that highlight the beauty of natural stone. The first new color introduction since launch, Kairos, Vegha, Edora, Irok and Aura, now bring the complete Dekton color offering to 15 hues. Each new color encompasses unique design patterns and innovative techniques combined with Dekton’s superior performance and low maintenance. 

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