Winter Watering Tips

Supplemental water for plants is vital during prolonged dry spells in the winter, especially recently planted trees, shrubs, and grass areas. With irrigation systems now off, water still must be provided to these plants for their continued health. The experts at Design by Sundown suggest the following guidelines:

1. Monitor the moisture level of plants approximately every two weeks if precipitation has not occurred. Remember that snowfall does not necessarily constitute a “watering” since the ground can be frozen, which prohibits water absorption. Meteorologists estimate that 12 inches of snow equate to just one inch of water.

2. Check for moisture several inches under the ground. If dry, hand water on warm days when temperatures reach at least 40 degrees.

3. With a garden hose, soak trees for approximately 10-20 minutes depending on size of tree. Shrubs need three to four minutes and perennials and ground covers require about one minute. Don’t forget to disconnect the hose when finished!

4. It is especially important to monitor evergreen plants. They need moisture to facilitate their continuing growth. Warning signs from lack of water may not show up until it’s too late in the spring.

If you need any assistance this winter with watering, contact Designs by Sundown.

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