You Say You Want a (Garden) Revolution

GroveAppliance2Gabe Blanchet and Jamie Byron believe that everybody on the planet deserves access to healthy, locally, and sustainably grown food. So they did something about it.

The duo, who met at MIT, developed an aquaponic appliance, the Grove, which enables people to grow their own food with technology making farming simpler, economical, and accessible to everyone. Essentially, they’re building farms. For every kitchen.

By using aquaponics, plants grow faster and denser without soil, so there’s no mess. But the best part is that you can control the Grove with one click. Use the app to grow anything from heirloom tomatoes to strawberries, from rosemary to kale—all in January if you desire. From the app, the Grove also controls water, pH levels, and air temperature. Blanchet and Byron have truly revolutionized sustainable gardening as we know it, equipping communities with the tools to grow healthy food themselves, right where they live. And we love it!

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