Six Facts on Manufacturing

dorianIn our summer issue of Modern In Denver, we featured a profile on BriteHub (formerly Elihuu), a Colorado-born business connecting entrepreneurs to service providers and manufacturers. We’ve since caught up with Founder and CEO Dorian Ferlauto, who brings us up to speed on BriteHub’s progress over the past few months and some insights into the manufacturing process.



1. Finding the right manufacturing partner and the path to production is not easy. We have learned so much in the past year from our users. Our mission is to develop features that help relieve some of the pain points of going into production. Our new sourcing search brings another layer of transparency, which feels safe and engaging.   

2. We have been building features and growing week after week—making matches and seeing product go to purchase order. As we grow, we are aligning ourselves at a city and state level working together with manufacturing excellence partners to help develop a foundation for collecting domestic manufacturing data and to help grow business.

3. Getting a product made is starting a business—it’s a lot of work. You need to build a business model and validate your idea. Can it be produced? Is there consumer demand? Do you have sales channels? Do you have the allocated funding for research and development? Ideas are great, but once you decided to move forward, work hard to make it happen. 

4. We continue to build out our application with new feature sets. Our goal is to create a lower barrier of entry for those looking for manufacturing partners. Now our users can search for suppliers and manufacturers. We wanted to highlight our manufacturing community by creating marketing pages highlighting their capabilities and expertise. 

5. We are finally coming to market and are focused on several customer segments who we believe will have great success using the technology we developed. We will continue to listen and learn from the domestic manufacturing community and hope to deliver data that will help them grow and be competitive in the global market. 

6. Building a successful marketplace is not easy. As we grow, we look forward to learning more and more about the manufacturing landscape at a global level. We listen, we learn, and then we build solutions to help build long lasting relationships.


For more, read the BriteHub article from the summer issue of Modern In Denver. 


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