Rethink the Drink

Shake up Labor Day entertaining with vintage-inspired glasswaredrinksFrom rooftops to patios, a cool drink goes hand-in-hand with warm summer days. And while we take into account modern design when it comes to counters and couches, what about cocktails? “If I am going to eat off of something, drink out of something, or sit in something, it is going to be great design,” Vance Kirkland once said, a distinguished painter whose collection is part of Denver’s Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art.

drinks2We took a trip to the Kirkland to check out the expansive collection of rare, vintage drinkware. It turns out that function was just as important as form in 1964 when Joe Colombo designed the Asimmetrico Glass (above), or the “smoke glass,” on display at the Kirkland. That piece was designed so one could hold both a cocktail and cigarette in the same hand. “Colombo is almost always pictured with a pipe,” said Maya Wright, the Kirkland’s Communications Manager & Historian. “Smoking was certainly an icon of the era.”

drink3Among our favorites selected is the Polynesian Bis Mai Tai Cocktail Glass, designed by Trader Vic’s founder. Stems like this were used at Trader Vic’s at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver. Have a look below at our picks from the Kirkland’s summery glassware. And for the full collection, take a step back in time with a trip to the museum.




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