We Dig The Urban Farm Company: Part 3

photo 2All summer, we’ve been updating you about our partnership with The Urban Farm Company of Colorado. They created an urban garden for Modern In Denver, and since we last posted, our garden has grown!


photo 4

Founder Bryant Mason helped install the raised bed using quality soil and veggies of our choosing. But the best part has been the contact over the past few months. We receive regular updates on how to maintain our specific garden along with tips. Here are a few of the recent ones we dig:

  • On planting: You can always plant anything you want at any time during the season. Sometimes spinach (cold season) planted in June or July will actually produce for a month or two before bolting!
  •  On harvesting: With leafy greens, harvest the outside leaves by cutting them near their base. Carefully remove up to a third of the outer leaves at a time (less when plants are younger), leaving the center of the plant to continually grow. This is typically a couple leaves per plant. 
  • On pests: Cabbage worms are one of the most common pests found in Front Range gardens. If you see holes in the leaves of your broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, or kale, then you probably have cabbage worms.


It’s not too late to plant. For your own garden or to subscribe to the tips, visit The Urban Farm Company of Colorado.







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