Tile Inspired by Music

Stone & Pewter Accents - Product VignettesThere’s a new tile at the Decorative Materials showroom, and we love its design inspiration: music! The Japanese art of Taiko uses large drums to create soul pounding rhythms. Musicians use a combination of strength and grace to perform this drumming tradition, and the performances are as much a treat for the eyes as the rhythm is a thrill for the ears.

Stone & Pewter Accents - Product VignettesDecorative Materials took inspiration from these beautiful drums for its newest pattern in the Agate collection, Taiko, an interlocking glass mosaic tile. Just as each Taiko drum ensemble plays its own unique cadence, each Taiko tile installation take on its own style based on one of the 10 colors and three textures you choose.


Photos courtesy of Decorative Materials and Colleen Kelly

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