Things We Love: Miele’s Robotic Vacuum


Move over, Roomba; there’s a new vacuum in town! The newest addition to Miele is this RX1 Scout—its first robotic vacuum. With integrated smart technology, a two-hour lithium battery and multiple cleaning modes, the Scout is the ideal companion vacuum.

scout4Unlike a chaotic navigation system, which randomly crisscrosses the room, the Scout maneuvers across the floor in precise parallel patterns to ensure no area is missed or repeated. The RX1 Scout has a built-in high-quality digital camera which scans the ceiling of the room several times a minute creating a “map” of the room’s layout. The gyro sensor then measures rotation and changes in direction. To protect furniture from unnecessary damage, the Scout is also equipped with seven infra-red anti-collision sensors. These sensors scan a 180° area ahead of the vacuum to prevent it from colliding with furniture or other objects. Three additional sensors located beneath the machine prevent the Scout from falling down stairs.

scout2Two long rotating side brushes target difficult areas along the walls of rooms or furniture, sweeping dirt towards the center of the unit. Once there, a removable beater bar picks up coarser particles. During the final step, a fan suctions dust into the dust compartment while an AirClean filter protects the motor and cleans the air. Depending on the scope of the room, the Scout features four cleaning programs for specific tasks. In Auto Mode, the unit cleans up to a 1,600 sq. ft. area. Spot Mode is intended for a defined area, for example to clean up crumbs from under the breakfast table.


The Scout features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that cleans up to 1,600 sq. ft. per charge. But the best part? When cleaning areas more than 1,600 sq. ft. the Scout will automatically return to its base for recharging. Once the battery is fully recharged, the Scout will automatically resume cleaning at the precise point where cleaning was interrupted.

Learn more at Miele online.

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