Interior Design: Behind the Scenes

Cecilia Tanoni -HeadshotIn our summer issue of Modern In Denver magazine, we featured a kitchen makeover, where the homeowners chose to focus on their art instead of the appliances. With the help of Kitchens at the Denver, Cecilia Tanoni Interiors made that vision a dream. Here, Tanoni talks the trade and shares insights on being an interior designer, step-by-step.



  1. Most, if not all, of my clients come to me by word of mouth. They’ve seen my work in-person, and then they contact me.
  2. I always schedule first meetings at the clients’ homes. It is very important for me to first see the neighborhood where the house is located and to experience the immediate surrounding “context” of the property: the sun exposure, how you access the house, how secluded (or not) the property is, etc. I let them walk me through the house; typically they have many stories to tell about every room and personal elements in these rooms.
  3. I ask them about their personal preferences—for natural and/or artificial light, color, texture, privacy issues, special furniture, art, or artifacts that I need to work around. I love it. Gradually I start to get a sense for who these people are.
  4. In this first meeting I also cover the basic information I need, like who lives in the house, who visits the house frequently, pets, and kids. Do they cook a lot? What is their typical daily routine? This opens the door to inquire more about circulation patterns, what works in their current layout, and what needs to be fixed.
  5. Discussing personal habits is also crucial. Do they entertain often? How do they entertain? What types of meal do they cook? How many people cook at once?
  6. When I am back at my studio working on the design, all of these pieces of information are taken into account to put together the best possible design for each household. What’s most important to me is that every project is unique—that it is really personal, a custom fit for each one of my wonderful clients.

Cecilia Tanoni’s kitchen makeover project below was featured in the summer issue of Modern In Denver. For more, visit Cecilia Tanoni Interiors online and Kitchens at the Denver.


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