We Dig the Urban Farm Company: Part 2

Farm4Last month, we told you all about our obsession and partnership with The Urban Farm Company of Colorado. They created an urban garden for Modern in Denver, and since we last posted, our garden has grown!

It’s great. We chose what we wanted to grow, and Founder Bryant Mason made it happen, having installed a raised garden with quality soil, allowing us to grow a lot of food in a small space—without killing it first.

IMG_1218You see, he’s given us tips each week tailored to our garden, for instance: “We suggest watering twice per day the first two weeks after planting.” But it’s not just the what but the why, which has helped. Mason and his team at The Urban Farm Co. explain how things work, why we should care, and what questions we should be thinking when looking at fertilizer labels. They help educate, and together, we’ve seen the seeds sprout!


Stay tuned for more on The Urban Farm Co. as we document the MID garden all summer!

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