Apps We Love: Green Smoothies

HomeNever miss your daily dose of fruits and veggies with this handy app–Green Smoothies by Ascension Kitchen–featuring 30 smoothie recipes. The key to great smoothies at home is the perfect blend of ingredients, and these recipes are spot on. It’s the small details such as one teaspoon of cashew butter that can make all the difference in the taste and nutrients. Recipes are categorized by healing effects such as anti-inflammatory, cleanse, digestion, energy, and more.

iphone5 in situ 3The app is perfect to have on your iPhone for a handy list while you’re at the grocery store. Just choose the smoothie you want to make, click the “Add to shopping list” button and it automatically shows the ingredients needed by smoothie recipe or a total list of all ingredients. You’ll find tips and tricks for making great smoothies as well as the nutritional “superpowers” of the individual ingredients in each recipe. And if the delicious recipes and beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface aren’t enough, the gorgeous smoothie photos will get your taste buds humming. The app is available on iTunes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

2b Cleanse

Here’s a sample recipe from Ascension Kitchen to get you started at home!

Green Magnetic Smoothie

1    small cucumber
½   cup fresh mint
½   cup fresh cilantro
2    tablespoons
2    teaspoons honey
1    cup fresh squeezed
3    ice cubes
fresh lime juice
apple juice

Blend everything on high for 30 seconds. Serves one.

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