We Dig the Urban Farm Company: Part 1

At Modern in Denver, we love local, organic produce from our own backyard. But let’s face it. If we were as great at gardening as Bryant Mason, we wouldn’t be publishing a magazine.

Mason is the founder of The Urban Farm Company of Colorado, with whom we’ve partnered to create a modern garden. That means fresh, healthy, and sustainable food right out our back door—only they’re the ones doing the hard work.

To start, The Urban Farm Company had us choose what we want to grow, then they installed a raised, high-yield organic vegetable garden using a great soil mix and easy gardening method that allows us to grow a lot of food in a small space. But the best part? He didn’t leave us high and dry. Instead, Mason will be right there with us all summer, sending tips every week and customizing recommendations based on our specific garden. We dig it.

While you can plant gardens all-year long (who knew?!) now is the best time to get growing. Check out the The Urban Farm Company to join us and create your own modern healthy garden. Stay tuned as we document our Urban Farm Company partnership over the coming months, but for now, here is part 1 of the process, a peek at Mason doing what he does best. 

Bryant Mason, The Urban Farm Company of Colorado Founder, preparing a garden for Modern in Denver.


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