Jonathan Auty’s highlights from IMM Cologne 2014

Every winter, around the world, a series of design and furniture fairs are hosted, which give a glimpse into emerging trends for the coming year. Jonathan Auty of ModMobili is a regular attendee at these fairs and has shared with us some of the highlights from his trip to imm Cologne (international furniture fair).

[quote align=”center” color=”#9a9fc0″]Cologne is always an interesting fair; covering most of the industry; (mostly modern and contract, though there are more traditional designs as well) in lighting, outdoor, upholstery, dining, office, bedrooms, even a whole building devoted to sleep (mattresses, etc.). Overall there are 11 buildings in the convention center, all 60,000 feet each or more – and an adjacent pavilion as well encompassing another 30-40 thousand square feet. The fair is the first of the season, and always brings in a good mix of introductions.[/quote]

Some of Jonathan’s favorite introductions came from manufacturers such as Walter Knoll and Luiz: a high end bedding company that produces hand made textiles for the bedroom and bath.

 Grand-suiteGrand Suite by Walter Knoll


At the fairs, the student shows are one of the most important components. Jonathan specifies that these shows highlight the future and are often showcasing pieces that end up going to production. The Twilight Sleeper by Soft Line was a student piece that ended up being manufactured and later sold by Design Within Reach, and consistently performs well for the store.

[quote align=”center” color=”#9a9fc0″]The student pavilion (design Injection) at the fair is always among the best of any show, and this year did not disappoint.[/quote]

Among the highlights of the D3 contest:

everything-in-it's-right-placeEverything in its Right Place by Christoph Goechnahts

This first prize winner is the work of Bern Based designer Christoph Goechnahts. With a Swiss twist, Goechnahts revisits the idea of a shaker-style hanging system. “It’s strictly a grid into which you plug these wedges, made of a soft plastic,” explains Goechnahts. “You can hang clothes directly on them, as well as display boxes and even shelves, which lock from behind with a another plastic piece. The rails, boxes and shelves are made of natural ash.”

kulleKulle Bench by Stefanie Schissler

Kulle, meaning “hill” in Swedish is the idea behind this restful piece. The German designer explained that she works with a sense of touch. The surface is not made from felt, but rather from cooked wool; a more natural (and softer) hand to it.

armin-chairArmin Chair by Dorothee Mainka

The Armin Chair reminded one perhaps of the Womb or other Saarinen designs; and as with those, this chair was inspired by a feeling of wrapped warmth; The designer Dorothee Mainka described it as a “retreat cave”.

luftig-cabinetLuftig Cabinet by Charlie Syrbjörn Nilsson, Olle K Engberg and Ludwig Berg.

This piece was a collaboration by 3 swedish designers and cabinet makers. It has a bit of an organic, Far Eastern nostalgic feel; with vertical ribs at slight angles along the sides and front.

drawing-chairDrawing Chair by Jinil Park

Made up of thin metal rods, hand welded and finished in black epoxy. The concept comes from Park’s translation of sketches into three-dimensional forms. Many of the rods are different gauges, evoking the variety of pen strokes in a drawing. Museum quality, but also functional. Park’s Drawing Series also includes tables and lamps in addition to chairs.

wall-of-toolsWall of Tools by Louise Campbell

One of the favorite displays at the fair was the Wall of  Tools at the Das Haus exhibit. Comprised of 573 hanging tools on a white pegboard wall, Campbell modeled the kitchen on a workshop. “Personally I feel very much at home here,” said Campbell. “Where floral wallpaper in a kitchen would not naturally present itself at the top of my list, plenty of fine tools do.”

Jonathan Auty’s is the owner of ModMobili, Denver’s newest modern furnishings showroom. They are located at:

1203 24th Street
Denver, CO 80205.

To learn more, call them at: 303-968-5262 or visit their website here.

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