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For this issue we sharpened our pencils, fired up our iPads and headed back to school and learned how thoughtful and innovative architects and designers are transforming the classroom for the students of today and tomorrow. We spoke with Klipp Architecture and 4240 Architecture about how creating open, healthy, durable schools allows students to thrive and learn like never before.



Speaking of durable, we take a trip to Boulder and tour a beautiful house designed from below the ground up to be incredible efficient and extremely durable. Designed by Fuentes Design, this house will impress you.


We then go beneath the surface of the tile and stone industry and learn how new printing technology is helping create better tile with more options than every before. We even saw a single piece of tile that is 5 feet by 10 feet and only 6mm thick! Walls, floors and countertops have never had it so good.


Creating a successful restaurant is hard enough, but with the goal of building hundreds of successful restaurants, you need to have more than just great food, you need a great brand. The Slotted Spoon, enlisted Anthem Branding and did just that. We spoke to the Slotted Spoon and Anthem Branding to find out the ingredients of creating a strong and lasting brand that builds loyalty and drives business.


Artist Allie Pohl comes back to her hometown for her new show at the Plus Gallery, but spoke with us first about her investigations and work related the image of the “Ideal Woman” and how she is now exploring what it means to be an “Ideal Man”.  Her work is evocotive, clever and funny all at the same time. This show is not one to miss.


Justin Ritter is a leg man, a modern leg man. He makes modern table legs from his Frederick, Colorado workshop and sells them all over the world. We talked him about how he got started making modern legs, what kind of modern legs he makes and how is helping provide stability to DIY furniture makers across the globe.


Drinkware that’s fashionable, fun and functional?  Yes please, I’ll have another!


Roth Sheppard Architects rose to the challenge of creating a minimally elegant space that awakens our senses the way great coffee awakens our sense of smell. With a some thoughtful and creative design, they did just that.



For our fall photo essay, Jennifer Koskinen experimented with color, light and movement. Shooting colorful cars speeding in front of notable buildings across Denver, she elevates the blur to a brushstroke. The results are amazing and present some great Denver architecture  in ways never seen before.


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Kick up some leaves and have fun this fall!

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