Designer Profile | Chris Hardy

Elegant and innovative Helix Coffee Table is the newest creation from designer Chris Hardy for Design Within Reach

Chris Hardy describes his work as “inspired by the challenge of personalization in the modern world, and the increasing desire that we have to own objects that match our own styles and philosophies – in the way that art does.”

This is beautifully embodied in Hardy’s latest work, the sculptural Helix Coffee Table (2012) for Design Within Reach.  He positioned brass castings to radiate from the center linking an odd number of legs, resulting in a distinctive asymmetrical form that looks different from every angle.

Originally slated to have stone as the table top, Hardy opted for an annealed glass tabletop that is slowly cooled in a kiln to relieve internal stresses after it’s formed to make it extra thick and durable.  By using glass instead, Hardy made the base of this table take center stage with beautiful walnut wood and cast brass that has a soft and natural finish.  “When I was designing this table I thought a lot about planes,” says the Atlanta-based designer, “…you have the vertical planes of the wood, as well as the horizontal planes of the brass…they’re very separate pieces just assembled in a very elegant way.”

Born in Houston, Chris Hardy pursued an education in design, receiving a bachelor’s in fine arts from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, followed by a master’s in design from The School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  In 2009 Hardy returned to the US to begin his career as a freelance designer, collaborating on industrial and graphic design projects.  Hardy made his furniture design debut at Salone del Mobile in 2011.

Hardy has collaborated with a wide range of clients, including interior design firms, retail stores, furniture and lighting manufacturers and design publications.  He has developed furniture and lighting collections for both commercial and residential sectors, working closely with engineers and manufacturers alike.

Hardy says, “In my design work, I aim to develop pieces that can be connected with on an emotional level.”  He says of the Helix Coffee Table, “This will probably be one of my most favorite pieces I’ve ever worked on, for the rest of my career.”

For more information and how to purchase, visit Design Within Reach.

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