Denver Startup Week

Architecture & Design Track

September 16th – September 21st, 2013

Monday, September 16th marks the beginning of the second annual Denver Startup Week! This event showcases the entrepreneurs, employees and the startup companies fueling innovation in Denver.

Organized by the Downtown Denver Partnership, Colorado Technology Association, and the Denver community, Denver Startup Week is a platform to convene all those who are building startups, want to build startups and want to be involved in the community. With hundreds of activities and events over a period of six days, there is something for anyone who wants to engage in Denver’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The week includes workshops, mentor office hours, resource fairs, hack-a-thons, happy hours and more. Get involved and be a part of the community!

The classes listed below are all related to architecture & design, which of course has a permanent place in our hearts here at Modern in Denver.  Click the links below for more information and how to sign up!  And as a very special treat, the week will end with architecture + design focused Pecha Kucha at the MCA: PechaKucha Denver Vol. 19 | Global PechaKucha Night

Coffee + Chat

Tuesday Sept 17: Coffee + Chat:: Tour Duet
Wednesday Sept 18: Tour The Source
Thursday Sept 19: Coffee + Chat:: LIV at The Desk
Friday Sept 20: Coffee + Chat:: Tour Chocolate Spoke

Lunch Workshops

Monday Sept 16: Studio HT- The Myths and Realities of Prefabrication: Our Life at the Edge with Boxes, Panels, Frames and Shipping Containers
Tuesday Sept 17: Open Studio Architecture- Start-Up Spaces: Designing for Collaboration and Growth
Wednesday Sept 18: TAXI- Design, Amenities and Culture for the Millennial Workforce
Thursday Sept 19: tres birds workshop- From Concept > Reality; Holistic Process & Significance
Friday Sept 20: Oz Architecture- RiNo + Tijuana + East Side (Pueblo)

Happy Hour Sessions

Tuesday Sept 17: Happy Hour + Architecture Lecture Series:: Kory Bieg, OTA+ (Austin)
Wednesday Sept 18: Architecture Lecture Series:: Benjamin Rice, MTTR MGMT (SF. LA. Miami.)
Thursday Sept 19: Happy Hour + Architecture Lecture Series:: Rene Peralta, Generica/Woodbury University (Tijuana/San Diego)

For more information, visit the Denver Startup Week website

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