Muse Studio

Thinking of starting a remodel? Fantasizing over your dream kitchen? No clue where to start? The answer to questions you didn’t even know you had could be here. Meet Muse Studio.

musingsScreenshot of what the “musings” section of Muse Studio could look like.

Muse Studio is the web-based software brainchild of Roth Corp and brought to existence by Factory Design Labs. It is a place for you to browse ideas, store your musings, meet the right trade professional for your project and track all of your progress from start to finish.

Roth has been in the luxury appliance game for decades, specializing in bringing consumers and trade professionals the best of the best when it comes to kitchen appliances. Time and time again they saw something missing from the design process. Consumers were confused and frustrated with where to start with their projects and trade professionals needed a platform to seamlessly interact with their clients. From this observation the idea of Muse Studio was born. Jonas DiCaprio from Design Platform recalls “They spent a lot of time reaching out to architects and designers to find out how we worked, how we interacted with clients, and what tools we felt were missing in the marketplace. What they developed is a well-tailored product.” Alysha Archer, Strategic Marketing Manager, adds that Muse Studio is about “changing habits and teaching people how to work through the process. People don’t know the right way to go about their project until it’s too late and too much money has been spent on mistakes.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.12.47 AM

It is simple to drag the muse-it! button to your bookmark bar to capture inspiration across the web.

Muse Studio gives consumers a place to collect their ideas. Start by simply creating a project — “kitchen remodel” or “dream bedroom” or “bathroom update.” From there you have the opportunity to drag the muse-it! button to your bookmark bar, which allows you to save “musings” from across the internet to Muse Studio. This allows you to organize your home ideas in one place. Say goodbye to bookmarked pages, overwhelming home blogs and overflowing idea binders. And this is just the beginning.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.24.46 PM

Consumers can search for professionals based on area or type of professional.

While your projects might start as hopeful endeavors that you aren’t quite ready to take on, Muse Studio offers the consumer the resources to actually start and finish that dream project. Once you have gathered your thoughts and endless inspiring images you can search the curated professional network that Muse has hand-selected. It isn’t just googling “modern architect” and hoping for the best. The minds behind Muse Studio have been working with these trade professionals for years. They know their specialities and they are here to recommend the best person for the job, your specific job. You can search by type of professional and area, making sure you are getting someone who can fully execute your project.

Once you have interviewed and selected the team of people to work with, you will have access to all the tools that your trade professional has access to — a conversation section, a to-do section, a document storing section, the musing section you’re already familiar with and a budget section. Can’t sleep and have a question for your designer? Start a new conversation and they can see it first thing in the morning. Questions about your budget — you can look it over and make changes whenever you like. Muse Studio creates a fluid relationship between consumers and professionals that can’t be achieved with a few meetings throughout a project.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.58.15 AM

Once linked to a professional, consumers have access to all the tools necessary to seamlessly track projects.

Forget about not knowing where to start — here is where to start. Muse Studio is a guide, a resource and maybe even a friend to get you through the process of building your second home, remodeling your outdated kitchen or revamping your entire house. “The power of how Muse Studio can positively impact the industry and consumers is exciting!” Denise Manu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, eagerly explains. Collect your “musings,” chose the best trade professional for the job and start your project ahead of the game. Bypass the headaches and confusion of trying to do it alone and welcome Muse Studio into your home.

Explore Muse Studio for yourself.

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