Pristine | Andrew Pogue

In the third installment of our photo essay series, photographer Andrew Pogue bundles up and hikes his way into the backyards and foregrounds of a few great modern structures of the west. A snowy scene is something we’re accustomed to in Colorado, but take a closer look at how the snow sweeps away distraction allowing the silhouette of modern architecture to stand out.

“Unlike commissioned assignments which must advance an agenda, this project allowed me to investigate a concept whereby the snow allows the architecture to be perceived in its unadulterated existence. These photos reveal more through what they don’t show — a cluttered landscape — than what might normally distract the eye from the architectural object. The naturally snow-blanketed world accentuates the architecture’s presence — detached from its normative context.” — Andrew Pogue

Click on any of the images below to open the photo gallery. Enjoy!

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Andrew’s background in both architecture and visual studies gives him breadth of creativity and technical expertise in approaching projects. With every project, he creates a comprehensive set of images that complement each other and tells the story. He worked with clients and on a wide range of projects,  from residential interiors to luxury hotels.

He also partnered with Austin-based Lars Frazer in the Frazer Pogue Collective. They produce architectural video that capture light and space while incorporating client interviews that give a glimpse of the people behind the ideas and process.

Andrew Pogue is on the local board of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), organizes PechaKucha Nights in Denver, and brews oak aged sour beers. Andrew Pogue is currently represented by Wonderful Machine.

To view his portfolio, visit Andrew Pogue’s website.

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