Favorites | Peter Blank’s Artists


Remember Peter Blank’s modern home from the winter issue? His love for the artwork in his home made us wonder, what are Peter’s favorite artists? Check out the list below featuring primarily Denver artists, but some international names as well.


Tracy Weil, Denver artist. I love him — his spirit and interpretation. It is so colorful and playful.  I own three of his works.


Peter Illig, Denver artist. My favorites are his retro interpretations in black and white. I have a major piece and two smaller pieces of his.


Ben Mollner, Denver artist. Dentist by day and artist by night — awesome. I commissioned him to do a provocative major piece.


Jerome Abel Seguin, international artist. My favorite sculpture artist — incredible vision with natural materials and interpretation, which are grand in scale. I own a major piece.


Emmett Culligan, Denver artist. His interpretation in metal is second to none. He has incredible talent. I own two major pieces.


Jeff Bertoncino, international artist. Major scale canvas contemporary interpretation with moody/soulful color palettes. I own a major piece.


Peter Blank, Denver artist. If I do say so, I love my work — photography, interpretation, raw sexual energy and bold organic work.

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