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Sponsored by Modern In Denver at the bulthaup showroom

What is raw?

Do you automatically think of raw as meat before it’s cooked? Maybe sushi popped into your head? What about fruits and vegetables? Raw food for a growing number of people speaks to something more — a decision to cut the unnecessary from our diets and get the most out of raw fruits and vegetables by not using heat above 118 degrees during meal preparations. In anticipation of the RAW food night with certified raw chef Daniel Asher of Root Down and Linger, a part of the Culinary Arts Series, we had a chat with Daniel about raw foodism, what it means and why people are doing it. Here’s what we found out.

Raw foodism is more than a weight loss focused diet or a food movement fad. It is a lifestyle choice that involves not exposing fruits and vegetables to heat above 118 degrees resulting in what Daniel explains as a “very vibrant, consciously prepared food.” Can’t wrap your mind around eliminating meat, cheese and bread from your diet? Were we meant to crave these ingredients with the fevor and frequency present in today’s culture? Daniel says no, it isn’t natural for us to crave a bacon cheeseburger and moving towards a plant based diet cleanses the body of processed fats and sugars.

Answering our hunger with dairy and animal proteins and lack of energy with caffeine isn’t the most effective way to fuel our bodies. Daniel brings up a good question — how different would our eating habits be if there were kale chips and fresh carrot juice instead of soda and potato chips the next time you stopped at the gas station for a pick-me-up? It is becoming increasingly accepted that humans can operate and thrive on a plant based diet. A raw diet takes it a step further by also maximizing the effectiveness of fruits and vegetables.

Wonder what raw tastes like? Come for a sample on Tuesday, October 23rd from 6:00pm – 9:00pm chef Daniel Asher of Root Down and Linger will be serving up a raw food tasting at the bulthaup showroom. This is the perfect introduction to the raw food movement.

Raw Menu

Surf & Turf
east coast “crabcakes” | citrus dill tartar
“steak” au poivre | peppercorn aioli

Borscht 3.0
beet borscht cheesecake | pistachio chive crust | local radish | micro celery

Interpretation of Autumn in Fettuccini
squash pasta | herb infused cream | vegetables of the moment | fallen leaves

You Put the Lime in the Coconut
fresh cracked Thai coconut water | key lim tartlette | spiced almond whip

Chocolate Truffle Mignardises
ginger powder | hempseed and smoked sea salt | Vietnamese cinnamon

Mixologist Mike Henderson of Root Down and Linger will be mixing up Hendrick’s Gin cocktails to compliment the RAW menu.

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