The Hottest Thing in Cooling


Love sitting in your air conditioning on a hot summer day? Ever wonder what that air conditioning is doing to the planet? Or do you have buyer’s remorse when you get your utility bill?

A Colorado based company since 1999, Coolerado is revolutionizing air conditioning by cutting energy use and decreasing the carbon footprint created by traditional air conditioning. By using water as the refrigerant and eliminating the need for a chemical coolant, Coolerado has put an end to ozone depletion from air conditioning units. Think using water makes Coolerado units swamp coolers? Think again. Coolerado’s patented technology brings outside air into the unit where the fan pushes air through a filter and then through the heat and mass exchanger. Half of the air is saturated with water and exhausted with heat, the rest is cooled and blown outward without humidity.

That isn’t all — Coolerado cooling systems use 90% less energy than traditional air conditioning units. The department of energy cites that 12% of energy used in a building is by air conditioning units — that is large amount of energy resources used to cool our spaces. Coolerado, on the other hand, uses the same amount of energy as six light bulbs. Such low wattage is needed to run a Coolerado unit that solar or wind power can be used resulting in off grid cooling.

Traditional air conditioning has remained mostly untouched for the last 100 years, until now. Coolerado is 100% sustainable with virtually zero maintenance. Just goes to show you what a good idea and five guys in a garage can accomplish! Want to see Coolerado in action? Check out Mile Hi Modern’s 727 Forest Street listing. The utility bill at 727 Forest Street is on average about $100 a month for 3,900 square feet!

Want more info on Coolerado? Take a look at their website.

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