Get Modern with Charles Phoenix

Denver Modernism Show Tips from the One and Only

Never been to the Denver Modernism Show? According to Charles Phoenix, eclectic entertainer, chef and author there isn’t a “clunker” day during the modernism weekend. Friday night is the Miss Modernism Pageant and more of a party atmosphere, whereas Saturday is the day that Charles recommends you take your time to look around and see all the treasures, whether you are buying or going to learn about classic and kitschy things.

And this year don’t miss Saturday night’s bus tour with Charles Phoenix himself! The bus tour includes the “best kitsch landmarks of the US, the world, Colorado, Denver — Casa Bonita and Lakeside Amusement Park.” Experience these great time warps with a true lover of their splendor. You won’t get this chance again!

Now for his tips.

Tip 1
Come with your sense of humor in tact. You will find a lot of funny things.

Tip 2
Come with treasure hunting skills sharpened — it is a treasure trove.

Tip 3
Wear festive clothing for the party atmosphere.

Tip 4
Bring extra cash because you’ll want to spend it.

Tip 5
Bring a couple of friends along — the more the merrier.

Want more info about the Denver Modernism show or to buy tickets? Take a look at the website for prices and the detailed schedule of events. Can’t get enough Charles Phoenix? Check out his website.

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