Tips on Hanging Art in your Home

Envious of Kimberly Demmy’s keen eye for simplistically hanging an art collection? Get in her head — she gives us her top five tips for skillfully filling your space with art.

If you’re hanging a large collection, place the pieces on the floor where you think they will look the best before you place anything on the walls. This allows you to see if the pieces are in harmony throughout your space and it makes it much easier to move pieces into their final arrangement.

Think outside the box – Don’t be afraid to hang a traditional piece with a modern piece.  This usually works best if you are hanging multiple pieces on one wall and not so well if the pieces are being hung separately throughout a space.

In some cases “eyeballing it” can give you the best result. Art comes in many different sizes and wall spaces can be awkward. Trust what looks best to you and don’t worry about only placing art at a particular height.

Keep scale in mind. When hanging art with furniture, work to keep the proportions in line with one another.

When hanging a very heavy piece, make sure you know the weight so you can get the appropriate hooks and nails to securely hold the piece. It is also wise to purchase hooks and nails that are made specifically for hanging art and have the weight requirements listed on the package.

If you find that hanging your collection is becoming too daunting, it’s never a bad idea to consult a professional for hanging services or a designer for placement advice.

Want to know more about Kimberly Demmy’s space? Read the article, The Art of Living, which ran in the summer 2012 issue of Modern In Denver. Or check out her website. Image: Daniel O’Connor.

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