Q&A with Lauren Alesso, Alesso Modern Source

Get to know Alesso Modern Source before the Grand Opening of their new showroom on May 17th.

Give us a little background — what services do you offer at Alesso Modern Source?

As a showroom, we focus on bringing incredibly interesting lines to both the design and modern community.

We strive to be a resource for designers and architects  by carrying unique furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories. We’ve even acquired a few of the lines because a designer expressed an interest and it wasn’t locally distributed.  The showroom  handles all of the distribution and customer support and hopefully makes their job a lot easier. Passion for good design is contagious so we want to put these objects in everyone’s home. If someone needs advice with color or fabric ideas or space planning, we help them out for free! The best thing is that Cecilia Tanoni’s design studio is located within the showroom so we can accommodate full interior design services, including remodels, kitchens and bathrooms. We are a full one-stop modern shop for anyone in the neighborhood and design community!

What influenced your move to South Broadway?

Probably the #1 reason we decided to relocate was to have a storefront. We are constantly picking up new lines, many of which are accessory companies!

The growth into carry more accessories is mostly rooted from that passion we have for good design. The whole modern movement was shaped by industrialization and mass production. It didn’t only influence the aesthetics but the bottom line. It made objects more affordable. Using modern accessories is the easiest and most economical way to enjoy good design in your home. Design is a powerful force, be careful it could put a smile on your face every time you see it!

What are the benefits of your new space?

Oh we adore our new space! It allows us to better showcase our incredible lines and hopefully it is a bit more visible so more people get to know where we are!

Besides we are lucky to be located next to an incredible wine shop and eclectic antique store. The block is filled with local small businesses which I am privileged to be a part of. There are some of the most knowledgable and talented shops in the city!

What lines are you currently carrying / most excited about?

I’ve fallen for Dutch design over the last few years and will always have a soft spot for Moooi. It was the reason I opened my showroom but there is plenty of love to go around.

The Austrian furniture line, Team 7, has impressed me the most. They know what they are doing, probably because they have been making furniture for over 100 years! Not only is their quality unparalleled, their design epitomizes timeless elegance. It’s a winning combination that its fellow Austrian company, Wittmann shares as well.

I’m elated to be carrying the Belgium rug company, Limited Edition and the Danish company, Linie Design. They make carpets into eye-candy. We are probably having the most fun with the accessory lines right now.

Design House Stockholm, Black and Blum, Alessi, Iittala, and Chilewich. Everything is just so creative! My most recent acquisitions are all these goodies from Umbra. They have to coolest lil’ wine charms for $5 and $10!

Gosh, I haven’t even mentioned lighting yet or outdoor furniture like the Flux folding chair which will hopefully be in stock by the opening. Everyone will just have to swing by and see for themselves!

Tell us about the event on May 17th…

Piano, piano si va lontano which mean little by little, you go far! After six months in our new space, Alesso Modern Source and Cecilia Tanoni Designs would like to invite everyone to our new showroom. Though there is plenty more that needs to be done, we would like you to help celebrate our “little” accomplishments in hopes they will take us a long way!

We have a wonderful new Mexican Cantina opening a few doors down called 3 Monkeys and will be providing some delicious food as well as Divino Wine pouring some fabulous vino for everyone to enjoy!

Please come by from 4pm-8pm on Thursday the 17th.

RSVP to the party!


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