Felt & Gravity

Amy Hunting

As the founder and owner of Norweigian Prototypes, Amy Hunting participates in the annual London Design Festival. Her participation in the Norwegian Momentum Festival in 2010 displayed her wooden and felt tables as part of the Gap between Art & Design exhibition. Now working out of her own studio in London, Amy Hunting connected lines of illustration and furniture design through her creation of Faithful Copy; her show presented a series of furniture pieces in the Felt & Gravity Collection. Previously intermitten in exhibitions, Amy Hunting’s Felt & Gravity Collection became the epicenter of her first solo exhibition in RAMgalleri in Oslo in 2011. Her work reevaluates the three-dimensional form of creation, represented in her pieces whose simple wooden structures display loops of colorful felt. These storage units reveal postulation in the exterior. As stated in the name, the Felt & Gravity Collection uses the gravity of objects, held up by felt, to exemplify the structure’s strength and simplicity. Faithful Copy epitomizes Amy Hunting’s furniture design and perspective on architecture, more of which can be viewed here. — CR

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