Drawer Shelf

Kenji Ashizawa

Kenji Ashizawa built the Drawer Shelf to develop the functionality of furniture in a given space. The sliding motion of the wooden drawers minimalizes the appearance of a large storage space. The rails in the piece are constructed from bent and straight plates. Ordinarily hidden in dresser drawer furniture, the rails in the Drawer Shelf are exposed, highlighting the sliding motion and depth of the piece. Kenji Ashizawa built the drawers to appear as blocks of wood forming a stack of shelves, using the same rails for the box units to slide against one another. The designer describes his work as, “honest design,” a philosophy that views architecture as a means of experimenting with the interior and exterior of a piece. Through this ideal form of design, Kenji Ashizawa experiments with the process and execution of his work, more of which can be viewed here. –CR

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