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Let’s stick together in this modern world. Let’s go out on the town together. We’ll introduce you to everyone we know. And we know a rapidly growing demographic group of educated, passionate people who care about their world and what’s in it. They have buying power and they use it. You’ll be all the talk.

We exist to promote all things modern in Colorado, and you can be part of that. It’s simple. You support the MID community. We show and tell our audience all the best things about you. They love you. You thrive. The modern movement grows. Everybody wins. Find out how we can help each other thrive in today’s world.


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Modern In Denver Advertiser Testimonials

We have seen great brand recognition, direct leads, and business from our advertising in Modern In Denver. Current clients even call and email me to say how much they like our current ad. We have two projects underway that were direct contacts from our advertising in MID. I can’t stress enough the value of consistency in our advertising, each of these clients mentioned seeing our ads for a couple of issues before having projects they were ready to pursue and reaching out to us. If we had stopped advertising in that next issue, those calls would not have come. Beyond the direct leads, the magazine has also continually stepped up the quality of the publication, every client comments on the matte textured cover when I hand them a copy. MID has also continually improved the quality of the articles and coverage in the magazine. I send copies to colleagues throughout the country and all have been amazed at the depth of material covered. I feel confident that the high quality of the magazine represents our company well, and that the money spent advertising with MID is not only valuable to us with growing our business but is also supporting a magazine that believes in modern design, art, and architecture in Colorado like we do. Both are equally important in our eyes.
Jonas DiCaprio, Design Platform
I was introduced to Modern In Denver magazine over four years ago. From that very moment it was love at first reading.  Finally a regional publication that brings the very best exclusive design and products that are truly modern. The people though are what really makes the difference, the profiles of architects, designers, artists, it makes the magazine real, and personal I realized from the first issue I saw, that MID was destined for success and I felt strongly that we needed to be an integral part of  it's future. Since that introduction, Studio 2b has consistently been advertising with Modern in Denver. Over the years we had advertised with  several other shelter/lifestyle publications, mostly with negligible results. Without hesitation I can honestly say that Modern In Denver has driven a substantial amount of customer traffic into our showroom, not just any traffic, but a highly educated and passionate clientele seeking out the best in modern products and design. I ask every person who comes to our showroom how they knew about us, overwhelmingly - 35-40% reply that it was Modern In Denver ! Behind the magic of the magazine is the Founder/Publisher/Editor William Logan. He has been a galvanizing force in uniting people who embrace the modern lifestyle and inspiring those who want to learn more. He's accessible, always open to listen to new ideas and goes the "extra mile" for his clients.
Allen Bales, Studio 2b
Advertising with Modern In Denver over the last four years has proven to be very successful for Room & Board. Being in the magazine allows us to reach a local audience that is interested in high design and  also one that appreciates the quality of our products. Modern In Denver is a publication that brings people into our doors and we look forward to many years to come!
Brooke Allison, Room & Board
“We have been extremely happy and involved with Modern In Denver and William Logan. William is a driving force; a clever, intelligent and spontaneous driving force. He has brought a great deal of ideas and enthusiasm to Thurston, Inc. Of all the medias that we have been in the last 35 years, Modern In Denver is the greatest value that I’ve seen.”
Mac MacDonald, Owner, Thurston Inc.
“Modern In Denver magazine is the perfect vehicle to bring everything modern and cool in Denver under one roof!  From real estate, neighborhoods, restaurants and shops, materials, fashion and everything that fits the modern lifestyle, William has created a home run! We are proud advertisers and supporters of “Modern in Denver!”
Peter Blank, Mile Hi Modern